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Can I really get out of my timeshare without further obligation?

Yes. Our success speaks for itself. Our affiliated companies have assisted thousands of timeshare owners just like you over the past six years. We have the expertise and the credibility to get the job done. We use a third-party licensed and bonded title company, Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. of Orlando, Florida, which is the largest and most respected timeshare closing company in the industry. Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. handles the complicated paperwork of your timeshare transfers and frees you from future liability.

What does it mean to “qualify?”

We will not mislead you so we tell you up-front that not all timeshares are created equally. The companies with which we work have an interest in some, but not all timeshare properties. These companies will ONLY work with companies like ours, not individuals because they want to acquire properties in bulk. Once you contact us, you will receive an honest evaluation of your property. Call us at 855-781-0079 for a free, no-obligation assessment.

Does your company charge an upfront fee with a promise to sell my property?

No. We are NOT a listing company that promises to sell your property. We do not lie and tell you the market is “hot” with eager buyers waiting for your timeshare. We want you to know the truth. A timeshare is NOT an investment that increases in value over time. To the contrary, it is a luxury item that actually depreciates.

Does my timeshare have any value?

If you and your family are using and enjoying your timeshare every year then yes, your timeshare has value to you. If you are not using your timeshare then you are paying for something that gives you no value in return. While some timeshares such as Marriott Vacation Club and Hilton Grand Vacation Club potentially retain value, the vast majority are almost impossible to sell on the secondary market. The longer you wait, the more the value depreciates. When you factor the additional costs of annual membership and booking fees for exchange clubs, you can look at spending an average of $14,000 over the course of ten years.

Who handles all the paperwork and transfer with the resort?

Once you have agreed to move forward with our offer, we submit all paperwork to Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. of Orlando, FL, a licensed, bonded, underwritten and insured full service title agency to professionally handle your transfer. Incorporated in 1999, they are the original timeshare title and escrow agency specializing in timeshare closings.

How long does the entire process take?

From the date of your agreement with you will receive your closing paperwork within 7-10 business days. Once these documents are properly executed, notarized and returned to the title company, the deed is sent to the County Recorder. Once the deed is returned from the county, the recorded deed is then forwarded to the resort along with any applicable resort transfer fees for acknowledgment of transfer. On average, the entire process takes 8-12 weeks. Please note that some transfer times may vary based on the location of your property and resort transfer requirements.

Do I have to notify the resort that I am no longer the owner?

No, this is part of our service. Once Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. records the deed or receives your executed membership transfer paperwork, they will forward this information to your home resort for acknowledgement of the transfer along with any pertinent documents and resort transfer fees. Soon after, you will receive a copy in the mail for your records.

What if I have an existing reservation for the current and the following year?

That is ok, however you are responsible for all maintenance fees, taxes, assessments billed (whether billed annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly) for all weeks/points that have been used or banked related to that use year.

When can I stop making maintenance and tax payments?

Depending on the date of your agreement with and if your fees are billed annually, you may be able to stop paying fees IMMEDIATELY. If your fees are billed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, your executive consultant will discuss several different options that apply to your ownership and answer any further questions you may have regarding this process.

What if I have an outstanding mortgage on my property?

We can even help people with outstanding mortgages but we strongly recommend you call us toll-free at 855-781-0079 or fill out our form and one of our executive consultants will contact you directly.

What if I owe back maintenance and tax fees on my timeshare?

We may be able to help but please keep in mind requires that all maintenance fees, special assessments and taxes be paid for the previous and current use year. will be responsible for all future fees pursuant to the terms outlined in our agreement. Please contact one of our consultants immediately if you are not current with your maintenance and tax payments.

How do I get started?

It is easy and risk-free. Simply fill out the inquiry form requesting the necessary information or call at 855-781-0079 to speak toll-free with one of our consultants.

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